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Cover1-1 After 10 years of supplication and patience, thanks to God Almighty, and the competence of the doctors at Dima Center, God Almighty gave us two twin children, Adam and Muhammad Muhammad & Fatima Cover2-2 We had lost hope of having children before we visited the Dima Center, which after 19 years helped us, thanks to God Almighty, to have our child Ahmed.
Medhat & Nujud
Cover3-3 Now our life has meaning. After 17 years, we had our child Muhammad, thanks to God Almighty and the efforts of the medical staff at Dima Center Fahd & Maha Cover4-4 I can't describe how I felt giving birth to my baby Ahmed, after 15 years of waiting ... Thank you to the doctors at Dima Center Elham & Muhammad

We offer the latest reproductive technology with expertise of more than 10 years

Offering the latest reproductive technology with expertise of more than 10 years in the biggest infertility center in London, England. Our head doctor along with the supportive and dedicated staff will provide the utmost highest of care to allow all couples to take home a baby
Our center prides itself on providing the latest advancements in the field of reproductive medicine via welcoming on consistent basis experts to provide and ensure the most up to date modalities to have a successful result.

Our Medical Services

IVF / in-vitro fertilisation

Infertility treatment, including the use of laser assisted hatching, ICSI, male azospermia and the latest in medical advancements


Including embreyo, oocyte and sperm freezing

4D ultrasound

The latest in ultrasound technology to asses and monitor the developing baby

PGD - Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

Genetic profiling and selection of embryos prior implantation, including XY (male & female selection)

Sex / gender selection

PGD – Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
XY (male & female selection)

Laparoscopic and histroscopy
Diagnosis using the latest in medical equipment

Meet Our Doctors

Whenever you are comfortable we are ready

Dr.Dima Atabeh
Dr.Dima Atabeh

Medical Doctor

Started her educational journey in London, England Graduated MD (medical doctor) from Al-Najah university

Dr.Amani Marmash‎‏
Dr.Amani Marmash‎‏

Medical specialist and director of the center

Consultant Obstetrics, Gynecology and IVF, CCST She holds the highest degrees in this specialty

Dr Salam Atabeh
Dr Salam Atabeh

Medical Doctor

Started his educational journey in London, England Graduated MD (medical doctor) from Al-Najah university

Frequently Asked Questions

can you determine the sex of the baby before conception?

Via modern advancements in technology now we are able to examine the embryo (future baby) and see what sex it will be.

does the age of the mother affect fertility?

With increasing age, a woman releases less eggs, with a poorer quality of eggs which may lead to certain syndromes, this risk increases dramatically after the age of 35

does the age of the father affect fertility?

Some of the newest research does state that increasing age as well as numerous other factors such as smoking and exercise an effect the quality of sperm a man produces.

can a father with zero sperm have a baby?

With the latest advancements in medication and laboratory innovation and previously infertile (azoapermia) male can now have a family and a child he can call his own.

if both parents have thalassemia can they have a child free of it?

With PGD (pre-genetic diagnosis) an embryo can be examined and be assessed whether it’s carrying the thalassemia gene.

And therefore, a healthy baby can be chosen.

when does the first heartbeat can be seen?

At 7-8 weeks of gestation approx. 50 days after last menstrual period.


Al-safwa building – Sufian Street – Behinde Palestine Bank

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